10 Digital marketing strategies for small businesses

Digital Marketing Strategies

With the recent events in the world, businesses are collapsing, and workers retrenched because these businesses cannot keep up with the latest challenge. However, for small businesses, this could be the best time to thrive.

With the right marketing strategy, any small business can thrive as they can leverage the current situation in the world. To help small business actualize this feat, we have created this marketing guide. If you are coordinating a small business, you can discover new strategies that can revolutionize your business.

Interestingly, these strategies are low-cost digital marketing strategies you can implement on your own. If you use them correctly, you will achieve growth and build your business to a global audience.

Each strategy contained here is walkable; that means you can invest in it and see progress in your effort. The costs are also scalable, which is something you need to consider.

However, if you have a tangible product, service, and a sales funnel to facilitate an increased traffic count to your landing pages and websites, then the strategies in this post offers:

  • A starting point
  • A place to continue growing

However, we do like to recommend that you learn the capabilities of digital marketing as a small business before outsourcing. Notwithstanding, we know that it is hard for most small business owners to have the skills needed to use all strategies, which is why it is preferable to outsource to professionals.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Before we talk about key digital marketing strategies for small business, it is important to deal with a couple of assumptions most people have.

To use any of these strategies, you need a landing page, a website, or a social media profile. Additionally, you need some funds to get started unless you want to take the time to learn about them.

Here are the digital marketing strategies for your small business. We will cover each strategy briefly, but subsequently, in another post, we will explain them in details. Therefore, what you find here is an introduction.

Content Marketing

digital marketing strategies

The first online digital marketing strategy for any small business is content marketing. Besides being the first digital marketing strategies in our list, it is the easiest to undergo since it involves telling the world about your product and services. Furthermore, it makes it easier to share your brand with your world.

While some business owners can resonate with how important content is, we have businesses that still ask if small businesses need content marketing. The fact remains, it is hard to conduct business without content.

Nevertheless, a lot of small businesses tend to mistake what content marketing is all about. This has led to misconceptions as to what content marketing entails.

Here is a perfect definition of content marketing according to Sonia Simone, “Content marketing is the strategic creation of text, imagery, audio and video that delivers relevant and interesting messages to a customer, prospect or at the same time paving the way for a sale.”

Before going further, you can also read about the content marketing strategy for small business. If you are disordered as to which strategy to adopt, you can choose from these 9 content marketing strategy for small business.

Content is essential; it is the breath of all other strategies. Content is where all other strategies evolve. You cannot downplay on content marketing and expect to win in this game. Think for a moment every post you publish, every advertisement you create, each product review or description you create, are all content.

Here is the secret a lot of small business owners don’t know – if you invest your time and resource into content creation, you make it possible for other digital marketing strategies to become cheap and unique. With this, you can discover new opportunities to drive leads and sales.

You can learn the best content format for your content marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Today, search engine optimization plays a vital role in generating traffic to a website. If you want organic traffic coming to your website through search engines, then you need to implement a reliable search engine optimization strategy.

Search engine optimization requires you to optimize your website using content creation, keywords, guest posting and improving the performance of your website. All of these is just the beginning of your strategy.

You can decide to use keywords that relate to your niche or optimize your content for local search. Whatever option you decide can actually work.

Conversely, it all depends on what your objective or the goal you intend to achieve. Furthermore, it is easy to start SEO for your small business since search engine optimization is highly scalable.

Remember, search engine optimization is an evolving process; there is no one specific tactic to implement at a start; it requires many factors. However, there are key variables to make you successful in this area. These include:

  • Making every page crawlable
  • Have at least one regular text-based hyperlink to each page on your website
  • Build a flat site hierarchy instead of a deep site hierarchy

Social Media advertising

digital marketing strategies

Building an effective social media marketing strategy is never an easy one. However, gaining traction or visibility using organic social media marketing is becoming harder each day. It is possible to get followers on your social media accounts, especially if you run a local business.

However, getting more through organic social media might be challenging. Luckily, you can use ads on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Through the ads, you can highlight what you do, its benefits, and results especially if it is a product.

Importantly, you have to identify the particular demographic you are trying to reach. In another post, we will explain how you can use each platform separately. Social ads use numerous data to target audiences, but you can target the location and demographic you want to reach.

Website Analytics

digital marketing strategies
Website Analytics – Digital Marketing Strategies

Analytics goes hand-in-hand with your content marketing strategy. Without analytics, your digital marketing strategy will be a flop. Web analytics provides relevant information about your digital marketing campaign.

For a small business, you don’t have to invest much in web analytics because the free tools available can cater for your need. However, as your audience increases, then the need to opt for more sophisticated analytics tools becomes a necessity.

You can start with Google Analytics; if you also run ads frequently on Facebook, you can also install the Facebook Pixel. These two tools can help you understand how your customers engage with your website or behave when visiting your website.

With your basic understanding of web analytics, you can track and monitor important key metrics from your digital marketing campaigns. Web analytics is a fundamental part of any business because you need the metrics to understand your audience.

Video Marketing

Today, several growing businesses are taking advantage of video marketing. YouTube videos remain an excellent strategy, especially if you have the resources to create videos around your products and services.

Since you have a different kind of audience, you need to know how to use different content format to reach out to each audience. Some customers would prefer video content to text; therefore, you need a mixture of different content format else you will be losing a lot of customers.

If you decide to use videos as part of your digital marketing strategies, then you should consider testing YouTube Ads to increase the number of audience or people seeing it.

 You can learn the best content format for your content marketing strategy

Affiliate Marketing

Another important digital marketing strategy to employ is affiliate marketing. Here, customers can promote your products and services on their channels. For instance, someone shares a link of your product on their social media platforms, and a customer buys an item using that link, they would get a commission while you get the sale.

Affiliate marketing helps build brand awareness in your target audience. Affiliate marketing is one of the effective digital marketing strategies that any small business can use. Importantly, it requires only time without any investment needed.

Influencers Marketing

digital marketing strategies

Many small business owners shy away from influencer marketing because they have a low budget. For others, these influencers are too big and won’t want any collaboration.

Yet, it is not always the situation because each industry has local and international influencer. Although the cost of using an influencer varies, the impact on your business will be evident. Influencer marketing can help you achieve greater visibility when compared to other marketing channels.

Before implanting influencer marketing as part of your digital marketing strategies, you need to find out if you share the same audience with them. You need to target your campaign; you won’t achieve much by having a broad awareness campaign.

Remember, these digital marketing strategies overlap with each other. For instance, you can combine content marketing, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing to get better results. However, you need to be creative when using influencer marketing as that will help to drive traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Although you might not get instant results when using email marketing compared to search engine optimization, it is still a reliable digital marketing strategy. Email marketing takes time; gaining a customer through email doesn’t happen quickly; it requires a lot of time and effort.

However, if you have a landing page or a website, it becomes easier to add email marketing to the workflow. You can use MailChimp to collect emails from your audience or someone who wants to hear more about your business.

Paid or Search Advertising

Search advertising, also identified as paid search ads which help to grow your business online on any search engine. Paid search marketing helps in your search engine optimization and local SEO strategy by using keywords that your customers use frequently.

Paid search ads are placed on the top of each search engine; they are ranked above organic search results. They are a cost-effective and result-oriented aspect of digital marketing strategies.

To a certain point, search ads and Google Ads are highly scalable. All you need is the perfect keyword combination along with matching ads to generate the sales.

Search advertising is a whole topic on its own that requires extensive research. Implementing a solid search advertising can be the differentiating factor in your online digital marketing strategies.

Local SEO


Finally, you can take advantage of local SEO to influence your new startup. However, it depends on your business, goals and the scope of your business. As a new business, local SEO is a better strategy as you try to put your business on the roadmap.

If you provide a local service, then you can take advantage of local SEO, which is an essential digital marketing strategy for new businesses. Furthermore, you can achieve better organic traffic from local searches.

Take the time to optimize your business locally to make it easier for your customers to find you using relevant keywords. Google shows relevant results from local users, and this can help your business visibility. Additionally, if you want customers to locate you using Google Maps, then local SEO is the perfect option.


These are 10 digital marketing strategies and ideas you can implement for your small business to grow. In as much as online methods are effective, you can track and optimize your results to grow further.

When using any of the aforementioned digital marketing strategies, you would require professionals to help handle certain aspects of these strategies. In such a situation, look for the best hand to get the job done. We are a content marketing brand that helps build the best content marketing strategy for our clients.

Besides this, we can also help manage your social media platforms to help improve your online presence. Notwithstanding, we apply the best SEO strategy using relevant keywords to attract the right audience to your business.

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