5 Motivational Hacks to Have a Productive Life

Motivational hack

At times, a quick motivational boost can kick-start your day into an upward spiral of productivity. According to Winston Churchill, “The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.”

It is time to take advantage of every opportunity even when you are clutter with distraction in all angle. In a world of constant distraction, here are 5 motivational quick hacks you can perform to motivate yourself without stress.

Eliminate Distraction

According to a recent study by Kaspersky, if you have a smartphone beside you while working, it reduces your productivity by 26% because you will be tempted to check what is trending.

To boost your productivity, you can turn off your notifications or put your phone on a focus mode. However, there are software and apps that can help block distraction while working. Getting your motivational hacks started begins with eliminating distractions.

Make a list

Depending on what works for you, you can create a list of what you want to achieve for each day. You can do this on the previous night or in the morning. However, it would be better if you preplan your day.

Creating a list reminds you of your activities; the benefits is the motivation it brings when you accomplish each goal. There is an excitement for each task accomplished. Importantly, when you create a list of activities to do, your body systems tend to work towards it.

Researchers discovered that the mind couldn’t differentiate between actual events and mental images. In line with creating a list, imagine yourself enjoying working on each list, and you will see the repercussion in real life.

Set a time-limit

Motivational hack

Pressure significantly improves your productivity. For instance, if you have a task to accomplish before attending an important event, you will do whatever possible to complete it.

You can begin by setting a timer and try to meet up with such target before the time. This technique works better since your mind will be racing against time, which makes productivity more like a game instead of a hectic chore.

Celebrate your achievements

Motivational hack

Whether big or small task, ensure you celebrate yourself. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic – in extrinsic motivation, you act to either escape punishment or receive a reward.

For instance, if your report in your workplace always comes late, you will get a warning. That warning can be an extrinsic motivation to retain your job or get sacked.

However, intrinsic motivation is based on internal benefits. For instance, if you submit that report earlier than expected, you get an hour of break time against your 15 minutes break.

Plan for failure

You are not going to achieve your goal all the time. However, find what makes you not to achieve your goal and avoid it. Recognize your weakness and plan accordingly to succumb to it. Even if you fail at it, motivate yourself. Keep at it. You only fail if you decide to accept the defeat of failure.

If you have any additional motivational hacks you have tried, we do love to hear from you.

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