5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The feeling of fear is a paradox – we want a change but not ready to give up our comfort zone. It is such an essential part of growth, yet we despise it. However, each time we deliberately decide to step out from our fear zone, we only discover the potential and how easy life can be easy.

In reality, our comfort zone is our enemy. The fear of fear is the chain we need to break. If you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone, it is not strange. You are not the first to experience such an awkward situation.

Here are five hacks you can use to stay motivated. Get your mind ready. You are closer to your dreams than you can imagine.

However, here are five ways to get out of your comfort zone without much hassle.


#1 – Why are you not ready to get out of your comfort zone?

The “why” is a pointer to what you can do. To achieve this, draw a small circle encircled by a bigger circle. Then identify the things you want to do but afraid of on the smaller circle. Write the reasons for the disappointment and lack of drive on the smaller circle.

On the bigger circle, write down what the gain will be if you decide to take each one. Also, write what you tend to lose if you decide not to do what you wrote on the smaller circle. With this, you can see what is limiting you.

#2 – Set a routine for each list on the smaller circle

At times, the fear of chasing two different things at the same time is exhausting. To ensure you work on what you identified in the first phase, you need to create routines or goals. Take baby steps to challenge each fear. Confront each fear one after the other like a boxer setting his fist ready to demolish his opponent.

#3 – Cut out any excuses

Excuses devalue a person; so in trying to get out of your comfort zone without much hassle, you should be honest to yourself as much as possible.

#4 – See failure as part of growth

We cannot make progress if we don’t fail. Failure is part of life; see it as a learning curve. Nothing ever achieved in life became successful for the first time. Don’t beat yourself up. If you fail, dust yourself up because you focus your mind on the items in the bigger circle.

#5 – Celebrate yourself

comfort zone

Celebrate yourself as you experience a little progress. If your goal is to read a book an hour a day, if you can read for 30 minutes every day, give yourself a thumbs up because you are making progress. Like a child, he or she must first crawl before you can walk. If you can crawl today, celebrate yourself while you build yourself to learn how to work.

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