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content marketing for startups

It might be a challenge if you are thinking of content marketing for startups, especially if you have a tight budget to spend when you want to promote your products and services.

Perhaps, you are wondering if content marketing for small business is worth the investment, especially if you haven’t seen much impact from your traditional marketing. Luckily, there are less cost-effective ways to generate new leads; it involves using the best content marketing strategy and content marketing tools.

The reality is that promoting your business online is a daunting task. The competition is fierce, even if you are in a niche market. Using promotional emails and advertisements won’t solve the problem.

To stand out, you need to employ the best content marketing strategy for your business. That is what will set you apart in this ever-competitive digital world.

What is content marketing for small business?

Hearing the word “content marketing,” your first thought will be articles or blogs. It is beyond what you think. Content marketing doesn’t have a clear definition because it is more than a particular format of content.

However, here is a perfect definition of content marketing

“Content marketing is the strategic creation of text, imagery, audio and video that delivers relevant and interesting messages to a customer, prospect or at the same time paving the way for a sale.”

Sonia Simone

That definition merely simplifies what content marketing entails. Content marketing is a long-term approach that involves using a variety of content formats to build a stronger relationship with your target audience, captivate their attention, increase customers’ engagement, and expand your business brand.

Is content marketing for Startups relevant?

Asking this question is same as asking if a child needs food and water. Indeed, it is a fair question to ask, especially if you are contemplating on the content marketing tools and expenses to spend. Frequently, we hear of larger brands who are constantly pushing amazing content to their audience; these are content marketing examples you need to study to find out how they do it rightly.

Today, brands such as Apple, IBM, Nike and airline companies have developed deep content resources to help keep their customers’ abreast with the latest information. Is there any positive return on investment if you decide to invest like these big brands?

Absolutely. However, you don’t have to spend like the big boys; you can spend low and get a high return on your investment. It all depends on the particular content marketing strategy you employ.

The benefit of content-based marketing strategy

Building a content-marketing strategy requires extra work, but the benefits outweigh the money, effort, and time invested. If you still consider content marketing for small business as irrelevant, here are a few reasons to reconsider your decision.

Nurtures or Build relationships

content marketing for startups

Perhaps the best thing your content marketing strategy will do is the opportunity to nurture relationships with your audience. You can segment your target audience irrespective of their buying cycle and subtly assist them in making the process easier. From here, the journey towards conversion becomes simple.

Importantly, you have to give attention to your content marketing metrics and the content marketing keywords used to attract your audience as you build that bond of loyalty.

About 47.5% of leads you nurture usually make a purchase, and this is possible through content marketing.

Content is your foundation and the backbone of your online success if you want to improve your consumers trust.

Once you build that element of trust, it becomes easier for them to share your content with their family and loved ones.

As your content is shared more frequently, so also will your engagement and brand popularity will spread. Statistics from Accenture shows that customers prefer personalized content than general content. Put that into consideration when creating your content; it should be purposeful.

Gives value to your audience and Google

content marketing for startups

Another aspect to consider in your content marketing strategy is to write for your audience and Google at the same time. Content marketing for SEO becomes important since you have to optimize your content for Google and your audience.

Here, you have to produce content consistently for your audience and content. Your content should be fresh, relevant and valuable to your audience. For instance, imagine giving your pet junk food while you eat food that contains the right nutrient and vitamins.

It won’t make sense to expect your pet to grow as other pets with a well-balanced meal. However, if the cost is high, you can give your pet the same food you eat that contains essential vitamins and minerals.

With this, you and your pet will grow along. That is how you should approach your content when writing for Google and your audience. While you feed your audience the right content to make a purchase, you have to optimize it according to Google’s standard so as not to be penalized. Then you boost your search engine ranking.

Solidify your brand’s identity

If someone asked you about the top companies in your industry, you could mention at least two, if not more. You will likely mention a brand that shares quality content frequently on its website. That is where customers will also run to when they search for something.

Your customers are appreciative for the service and answers you offer them. However, if you ramp the value you bring to them and position yourself as the “encyclopedia of your industry,” they will pay attention to you.

The more they return to you on information relating to your industry, the more likely they will consider you when it is time to buy your product or service. The reason behind this is that you become an authority and a reliable place for valuable information. What it inevitably means is that you have gained their trust.

All of these involve creating a concrete content marketing strategy for your brand, which will require using content marketing keywords that relate to your industry.

Effective Content Marketing for Startups

content marketing for startups

Brands use a content marketing strategy to achieve different objective and goals such as improving their search engine rankings, generating new leads, and increasing their revenues. A recent study shows that about 89.7 percent of respondents experienced positive results from their content marketing effort irrespective of their objectives.

It is an indication that content marketing works, but you have to discover the kind of content that works perfectly for your audience. Quality content comes in various formats; here, you will learn about a few that works well for new startups. It can be the starting point of your content marketing strategy for your startup. It is important to find suits your brand and tweak it to your audience.

Articles and Blog Posts

The starting point of a content-based strategy remains written content. If you have relevant topics, which is well-optimized for search engines, new visitors will flock to your website. Nevertheless, articles and blog posts can only be effective in generating the visitors and lead you desire if they are properly written and useful to them.

Today, the internet doesn’t have a boundary; it is a big marketplace such that even if you have a blog, it is not enough. You have to make it stand out from the crowd, and that is possible by writing posts and articles that contain new information. Information that helps your potential customers or entertains them.

The best content does three things – provide new information, help or entertain your potential customers.

Content marketing for startups can be challenging, especially coming up with new topics to write. A simple way to avoid this mental block is to ask your customers what they do like to learn or know. For instance, if you sell a product that has complicated instructions, you can write a step-by-step guide with photos to illustrate the instruction.

Peradventure you are into cloth retailing, you can write about what is trending in the fashion industry or come up with some new items to spice up their wardrobes. Furthermore, if you run a family restaurant with a backstory, you can share it in detail. Frankly, coming up with blog post topics is a daunting task, but you have to gear up and offer something to your customers.


content marketing for startups

Did you remember when you read an article or blog post with complex information? Did it make any sense to you? How did you feel? It painful when the information you need is hard to understand. Infographics make it easier to digest complex information. Additionally, they are easier to share with more colorful design when compared to written text.

You lack the design skills to create an infographic, don’t worry. Today, there are online platforms where you can get hundreds of customizable infographic templates for your business. You can do it yourself if you don’t want to hire an experienced designer. No matter the content marketing keywords you choose, there is always a reference available with a searchable title.

Content marketing for startups requires branding content and infographic provides an easy route to actualize that feat.


content marketing for startups

Who doesn’t love list? Whether it is a list of top 10 places to visit or 5 ways to be an effective person, they are always irreplaceable. Recent studies show that lists are the most-shared content, generating over 26,000 shares per month.

However, your list must be relevant to your audience with proven points. You can make your list attractive by using various formats such as text list, slideshows, and animated GIFs. Find the format that works perfectly for your brand and audience. Ensure your list has something to do with your customers. For instance, if you sell a health product, you can make a list of, “7 reasons to living a healthy life.”

Do you need help?

Content marketing for startups can be the differentiating factor between your new startup and the success you desire. Whether you hire freelancers or create the content yourself, ensure to implement a well-planned content marketing strategy. Besides this, ensure to use relevant content market tools with content marketing for SEO integrated into your strategy.

Suppose you need someone to come up with a content marketing strategy for your business, free to contact us! We can help you to build your content marketing strategy and generate content marketing metrics from your effort.

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