Digital Marketing Strategies Without Using Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategies

Social media is a good place to leverage if you are a new startup or a business looking forward to implementing digital marketing strategies. Recently, a CNN report indicated that most teenagers spend almost 9 hours per day on social media. Today, radio, television, and other media are losing the battle to the internet; hence, you see many marketers leveraging social media.

It doesn’t mean that social media is the only method in your digital marketing strategies. Indeed, people won’t cling to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp for nine hours uninterrupted. That is quite unhealthy for their health. However, there are other ways you can keep your audience captivated with your brand. These methods don’t require you to spam their social media and wait for results.

This write-up will unveil valuable digital marketing strategies you can use without relying on social media platforms. It might sound impossible, but it is straightforward to implement if you understand how to harness these strategies’ power. These are all online marketing strategies for your business.

Blogging – Best Digital Marketing Strategies

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Obviously, you never thought about blogging as an essential digital marketing strategy to implement. Irrespective of the kind of business you do online, you can include blogging as part of your digital marketing strategies. Your blog is not merely occupying space; you have to optimize any content to make it easier for search engines to find these contents.

Once search engines can get these contents out, your audience will get value from your content. Your infographics, articles, images, and other media on your blog will help build trust and establish you as a reliable brand online. It is easier to trust someone with insider information than someone guessing whenever they need to deliver.

Blogging is the backbone to establishing your credibility and authority in your field.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing comprises different factors, which can help your website gain visibility. Alternatively, you can use search engine marketing interchangeably with paid advertising. Today, businesses use services such s Google AdWords to rank on search engine results.

Search engine marketing also includes search engine optimization as an integral aspect of any digital marketing strategy. However, Pay-Per-Click advertising can only go to a certain extent; you also need the organic reach that search engine optimization offers.

Search Engine Optimization

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You can optimize our website and blog to make it easier for people to find you online through search engines. You can use various search engine optimization techniques to get your content across. Researching how vital the keywords in your article are is essential for your online business. You need to understand trends. Good trends can be a handy tool to get the right keyword on your content.

Importantly, you should interlink your blog posts to every part of your website; it helps search engines index your page and makes it easier for people to find your content. You can read about our Search engine optimization strategies here.


As part of your blogging strategy, you can include podcasts. Interestingly, you can create professional podcasts that are relatively short in length. You can start with reading a short version of your blog posts; doing this can help improve your engagement. Nowadays, people prefer video and audio content over reading. You can generate more traffic to your website if you can create exciting topics from your podcasts.

To make it easier, you should consider making a snippet of your podcasts.

Responding to reviews

If you sell products on eBay and Amazon, you need to take time to respond to reviews – both positive and negative. It shows you value your customers and can handle criticism when it arises. Furthermore, it is a sign that you appreciate their thoughts.

Naturally, everyone is a critic; however, it shows you value their opinion and ready to improve. You can take advantage of the Google review system for your business. If you have a car shop, store, or restaurant, people can see your rating.

Once you have a low rating in your reviews, it averts your potential clients to another business they deem fit to offer better service. It is all about building trust, and you have to ensure you deliver nothing short of excellence.

Email Lists

It is logical to create an email list is to build trust with your customers. Once you respond to every review, you can lead these customers to your landing page. Through your landing pages, you can create your email list. It is easier to get them to subscribe to your email list if you follow the above points.

Who doesn’t like freebies? Why withhold it when you can use it to your advantage? You can offer something free to your potential subscribers in exchange for their email. You can offer a useful spreadsheet, an e-book, or a free trial of a product. It has to be something they would need.

However, ensure to use a double opt-in email list to avoid your message being tagged as spam. A double opt-in email means that your subscribers need to confirm the email once they receive it in their email account.

Email lists enable you to inform your customers about your new products or what would interest them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an essential digital marketing strategy to use. However, it is quite different from others since it might involve social media. Well, you only need a little work on the background. Affiliate marketing entails creating profitable relationships between businesses. At some point, you will need social media to expand your marketing base.

Nevertheless, you need to find similar businesses that might be interested in an affiliate program. If you want a strategy that allows you to divert traffic from two different websites and offer cross-promotional advert, then affiliate marketing is the best option.

Sharing content among similar businesses is the simplest way to attract a new audience to your website.

Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, mobile devices are the most commonly used device to access the internet. For instance, in the United States, about 51% of users use mobile devices compared to the 42% that uses laptops and desktops.

Previously, your website ranking won’t be affected if you didn’t optimize it for mobile devices. However, that has changed drastically because you will be penalized and lose your audience if you don’t optimize your website.

If you are new, there are numerous tools available to check your website optimization with mobile devices.

Do you need help with Digital Marketing Strategies?

You might feel overwhelmed with the number of digital and content marketing strategies available. What time do you have to manage your business effectively? How do you cope with running the daily activities and creating a solid digital marketing strategy?

Do you remember the title of the article? You don’t need social media to implement these techniques. You need an additional hand to manage things.

It is quite hectic writing content, optimizing it, and updating your different strategies. It is a whole lot of hard work, which your business might not have. SpredMax understands. We got you covered. We have an experienced team of writers and proofreaders to handle your project. Contact us today. We are available on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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