How to use storytelling to promote your brand


Do you think storytelling has been replaced? If you think so, you have to reconsider because it holds a pivotal point in content marketing. It still holds meaning for people because a good story can produce powerful results for your company or brand.

How can you take advantage of it’s power? Integrating storytelling in every piece of content writing will increase your brand awareness and evoke interaction, leading to more sales.

Purpose of Storytelling

The primary reason is to draw your reader to be immersed into whatever content you share such that they can relate to every bit of the story.

What is storytelling marketing?

Storytelling marketing involves inciting feelings to an audience that will inspire them to take relevant action. It is the process of using a narrative to communicate a message to your audience. Using storytelling marketing isn’t just for entertainment but a persuasive tool for adverts or campaigns.

Why storytelling is important for Content writing or Marketing

Increases authenticity

For a brand, storytelling marketing reveals their motivations, value, and what they stand for. Consumers expect authenticity to build trust in such a company. Besides this, storytelling in content marketing helps create a strong connection between customers and the brand as people can relate to the stories.

Awakens empathy

Every marketer understands the objective of content marketing is to build a connection, and storytelling makes it more accessible. You want customers to feel something and take action as they read your content, watch a video or access any form of your content online.

For instance, Coca-Cola uses the art of telling stories to entice its audience to buy a bottle of Coke whenever the weather is hot. After reading or watching a video of an advert, feeling thirsty under the scorching sun and the next thing you see is a bottle of chilled Coke. The next time you find yourself in that condition, that image will pop into your mind.

Distinguishes your brand

Your products and services have distinct features, but storytelling through content writing distinguishes it from your competitors. When you incorporate an unexpected twist to your content, it helps your audience remember you whenever they need your product or services.

What more?

For any business, you must master the art of using stories to pass a message. For new companies, it can be a daunting task. However, ensure you make your storytelling relevant to your audience and product. Furthermore, approach it as a strategy and base your story on your audience’s belief system.

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