Love is Never Enough – My Diary of Love and Relationships

Love is never enough

Love is never enough. Does that ring a bell? Does it resonate with something in you? Is there any meaning to that statement? If you have experienced or being in a broken relationship, you would understand better.

When you suddenly hear that a couple you have always respected just broke up, what comes to your mind? Like the perfect couple made from heaven, you have always envisioned yourself in such a relationship. But here you are, struck by the latest information you just received.

A thousand thoughts would run through your mind as you try to understand why such a “beautiful relationship” should be shattered. Yes, their hopes and dreams all gone into thin air. All the time and resources invested have become memories.

Here are two unique individuals that confess their undying love for each other but are separated. Here you are, thinking if this thing called love is real. It depends on the perspective you are looking at things. What if love isn’t what you need? What if happiness and love are opposite to one another?

At times, you have no option than to stand in the middle of the road. Personally, I have concluded that love is never enough. If you don’t agree to that, ask your next-door neighbor who is divorced.

Perhaps, they will attest to the fact that love is never enough when it comes to relationships. Love is never enough to build a relationship and sustain it over time. It is never enough to keep you happy forever.

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What is love?

Today’s definition of love is one that has been defined to suit the one defining it. Yes, everyone has their own definition of what love is all about. Regrettably, if their definition doesn’t line up with what you express, it is not love.

Interestingly, If you were to do a survey about what love is, you would discover that everyone will develop their definition. The misconception about what love is remains the biggest problem humanity can ever face in this century.

Nowadays, we monetarize or materialize love. Love is everywhere – in our books, songs, televisions, and movies. Hardly can you go through the day without thinking or talking about love.

It never fades, neither is it far from our conversations and thoughts. Yes, we are creatures of love, but despite all the talking, thinking, debating, and discussing love, not many understand what love truly means when it comes to relationships.

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Personal Research on Love and Relationship

According to Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, “True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.” In my quest to discover what love is in a relationship, I have read books, listened to audio and videos, and watched countless movies about love.

I wanted to understand why people get into relationships, why it didn’t last, why should you suffer when you profess to love? But in all, here is a summary of what I think is the best definitions of love in my research.

  • Love is a choice to commit to meet the needs of another person for LIFE without EXPECTATION.
  • Love is caring for a person – Caring means anticipating the person’s need and meeting it before asking for such need. You study what they need tomorrow and provide it to them today.
  • Love is the display of the inherent nature of God through the human spirit.

Little Experiment – Love Is Never Enough

Now gauge your current relationship with the above definitions of love and see if it meets that standard. Many relationships won’t meet that standard because the Western culture has tried to equate love with physical attraction, warm feelings, and sexual activity. Therefore, when these are missing in your relationship, you believe that the other party doesn’t love you.

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In conclusion, the view of love is hammered into our brains daily through magazines, books, and movies. Recently, our songs have been flooded with the language of love, yet confusing what love is all about. Failed marriages, broken relationships, and sundered or torn families should give us an idea that something is terribly wrong with our perception of love.

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