MicroStrategy Faces Margin call as Bitcoin dip to $21,000


With a further drop in Bitcoin, MicroStrategy may face a margin call.
Following Bitcoin’s drop below $21,000, MicroStrategy’s CFO is on the verge of facing a margin call on the company’s huge BTC position at $21,000.

“Bitcoin needs to cut in half for roughly $21,000 before we’d have a margin call,” MicroStrategy President Phong Le stated during the May conference meeting.
The average purchase price for MicroStrategy’s 129,918 bitcoins is $30,700 per coin, net of fees and expenditures.

MicroStrategy’s stock has dropped by 23%

MicroStrategy (MSTR) was the most prominent Bitcoin holder, with 129,218 coins, and its stock experienced some of the most severe losses as the Bitcoin’s price fell below $21,000.

MSTR’s stock dropped as high as 23% on Monday, June 13th, and it now trades at $152.15 at the time of writing, down 31.37 percent in the last five days.

Brief about MicroStrategy


MicroStrategy is a software company specializing in enterprise business intelligence (BI) applications. Its main platform includes several features to assist businesses in making data-driven decisions and streamlining business operations.

Among the tools and features available are interactive dashboards, scorecards, ad hoc queries, automatic report dissemination, and finely formatted reports, thresholds, and alarms.

MicroStrategy’s platform can be used on-premises using Windows or Linux servers or as a service in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure clouds.

Thanks to its client interfaces, MicroStrategy services and applications can be accessed through the internet, Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

MicroStrategy offers a software developer kit (SDK) to personalize an application and combine it with other applications in addition to its development and system admin range.

MicroStrategy capability can be integrated with third-party analytics tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and a Microsoft Office integration, thanks to APIs and gateways on the platform.

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