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Small business

Does your small business deserve an online presence? Today, the world has become a global village such that about 80% of buyers must use a search engine to inquire about a product. Undoubtedly, you cannot overemphasize the importance of a website, especially if you are running a modern-day small business.

The days when you think that a particular customer will always visit your “shop” is over because you have competitors with the hook to take your customer at the slightest mistake. How do you take advantage of every click from a potential customer?

Research has also shown that about 49% of consumers already highlight website design as a key factor that influences their judgment when buying online. Putting these statistics into consideration, you would understand why you need a good website design for your website. Furthermore, it plays a key role in your content marketing strategy.

Small Business – The Importance of your website

The success of your website lies in the structure you design to use. While it can take a few hours to come up with a website, thinking through the process to have a standard website is essential. For a new small business, the decision to hire a good web designer can pose a lot of issues.

Understandably, there are over a hundred web designers online; however, filtering the professional from the amateur can be a daunting task. What criteria do you implement since you are new in building an online portfolio?

You might want to cut cost by ditching any consultant. That too is understandable. Nevertheless, here are two few tips to help you when you want to engage a web design company for your website.

Be proactive

Being proactive begins with you. It would help if you had a rough idea of the appearance and functionality of your website. Remember, it takes less than 6 seconds for an average consumer to develop an opinion about your website. Whatever rough idea, you have must reflect your brand as a business. If you don’t have a sketch, it would be best to sit with a designer to help you out.

Check previous works

Most reputable web designers will have a portfolio page on their website, which allows potential clients to see their previous jobs. You won’t want to hire someone without any track record. You want something with proven records that he or she understands what is involved.

The best thing to do is to go with people with previous job experience. From their samples, you can draw your conclusion if they can deliver the job. Does the previous design look professional? Is the page responsive? Are the contents easy to read? All of these affect your content marketing and SEO strategy.

Organic SEO Traffic for Small Business

Small business

It is one thing to get the best web design agency to build a professional website and another to get the profit you have envisioned. No one ever come online to make losses, why should it start with you? However, you can increase your profit from organic SEO traffic. Every online small business wants to be top on search results and gather as much traffic as possible.  

Pinpoint your Target Keyword

The success of your business depends on your target keyword. If you are a new small business owner or one without any concrete profile over time, predicting the keywords used by your buyers can generate useful traffic to your website.

For instance, if your shoe business is located in New York, you will not use a general keyword like shoes. However, if you use a keyword like “Shoes in New York” or “New York Shoes,” you have a better chance of targeting your audience. The chances of converting these lead are higher than using the keyword “shoes.”

Besides this, you can also use long-tail keywords that customers include in their search. You have to understand what the customer is searching and use those keywords in your content or website.

Develop a small business Content Marketing strategy

For you to realize this, you need a blog. With this, you can consistently add new content with relevant information. These keywords must be integrated into these contents to address the needs of your audience. Remember, the wrong content strategy could spell doom for your online business. Hence, hiring the right SEO expert is essential as they can create and cultivate content in various formats such as videos, podcasts, infographics, animations, blogs, etc.

Use Social Media

One of the fastest means of growing your audience and reachability is through social media. Today, an increasing number of buyers are using social media to engage their favorite brands. Social media creates a huge opportunity for you to attract more prospects, new audiences, and build lasting customer relationships.

Ensure to integrate social media platforms on your blog to allow your audience to share your content with their friends.

On-Page Optimization

Paying close attention to your on-page techniques is paramount to your online success. For new business owners, it is vital to hire an experienced SEO expert to create unique title tags for your content. Besides this, such an expert can help you:

  • Increase the loading speed of your pages while reducing bounce rates
  • Linking content with internal links
  • Optimizing headings with relevant descriptions and keywords
  • Write relevant meta descriptions to boost your visibility

Avoid Simple SEO Mistakes

While you can do various things to increase your online visibility, you can create more harm than good when wrongly used. For instance, when using keywords, avoid stuffing your content with too many keywords.

Avoid using any black hat SEO technique if you are not an expert. Avoid black hat SEO technique mistakes such as link buying, invisible or hidden text, duplicated contents, and spinning your articles.

Small Business – Why you need organic SEO for your website?

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Building an attractive website without implementing an SEO plan is a total waste of time and resources. If you think that organic SEO does not matter, then you should be ready for the shock of your life. For starters, SEO is the processing of increasing your visibility on major search engines.

It may amaze you to know that buyers have the perception that top websites on a search engine provide reliable and genuine product or services than those on page two and downward. Why stay at the bottom when you can increase your chance of ranking among the top ten pages.

Generating organic SEO traffic to your website isn’t magic. We apply various professional SEO and content marketing strategies to help clients increase their organic search traffic. Although pay-per-click advertising isn’t bad, it does have its place. However, generating organic SEO traffic is better when compared to pay-per-click advertising for the following reasons.

  • Cost – An apparent reason why you need organic SEO for your website is the cost advantage it brings. Pay-Per-click ads are paid adverts that place your business link at the top of search engine results. If you implement a reliable SEO strategy, your organic search traffic doesn’t cost anything. This gives your business more edge than your competitors using a pay-pay-click strategy do
  • Credibility –  Generating organic SEO traffics gives you credibility because you have solidified your online reputation and presence
  • Focus  – Organic SEO is essential and crucial because it is focused on your targeted audience. People visiting your website through search results have a specific purpose. Therefore, if you can proffer the solution they need, they will be willing to convert to leads

Act Now!

We are a prominent SEO and content marketing company aimed at improving organic search traffic for small business owners. We understand the vital role organic traffic plays and eager to work with you in increasing your company’s online visibility and ranking. Call us today for the best content-based SEO service for your website.

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