Building a successful social media marketing strategy

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Today, social media marketing is an essential element of any online marketing strategy. Social media is now a buzz that everyone wants their business to live online. With the increasing number of social media platforms, finding the right platform for your business is a top priority.

For example, Facebook is social networking platforms, which give users the privilege of sharing photos, updates, participating in live events etc. Twitter, in contrast, allows people to share updates, short messages and much more. The audience on these platform reacts differently, which is why you have to appreciate their uniqueness.

Social rank – connecting with your best followers

Social Rank is one of the most natural approaches to identifying, organizing, and managing your followers on Instagram and Twitter.

It has the capability of sorting your followers based on some criteria such as most engaged (frequency of mentions, retweets, and replies), most valuable (the highest-profile followers) etc.

Cyfe -the ultimate all-in-one dashboard

This tool makes it flexible in monitoring every aspect of your analytic data concerning your business. It has a pre-built widget, which pulls data from standard services like Salesforce and Google

Elements of a social media marketing strategy

In setting up a social media marketing strategy, you have to establish certain things. These elements can help in setting up a preliminary social media strategy.

Identify your goal

The goal you set will determine the kind of strategy you will use. It would be best if you looked at the overall objective of your business before deciding the particular social media platform to use.

With time, you can change the platform you focus on depending on the one that generates more traffic to your website.

You should set specific marketing objectives with how you will accomplish each objective. Furthermore, you can use the SMART approach to determine your objectives.

Identify your ideal customers

Perhaps the business is undergoing a low engagement on social media; this is because you do not have the ideal customer. The moment you know your target audience income, age, problem, habits, occupation, and objectives, it becomes cheaper and easier to target them on social media.

Strengthen your brand

Does your business have something to stand for? In other words, what is your brand about? As a new startup, you have to communicate with your audience in a way that they understand what your brands stand for.

Building a brand can help strengthen your online presence since it sets your business apart. The stories about your startup should not just render a form of solid takeaways but should motive people in believing in your overall mission.

Branding your business is something you should not take for granted. Read about business branding – how to give your brand a personality. Remember, people do business with those they like and trust.

Social media marketing tips to follow

  • Decide on the particular social media platform or network to use
  • Improve your social media profiles
  • Connect your blog or website with your social media page
  • Identify and follow influencers in your industry or niche
  • There should be a balance between your followers and those following
  • Share interesting contents (images, text, and videos)
  • Post as many as possible for a single day, but don’t overdo it

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