Twisted Tea is releasing NFTs to put your face on 100 million cans

Twisted Tea set to release its NFTs

A well-known American company is now coming into Web3. The nation’s top iced tea brand, Twisted Tea, is collaborating with Web3 platform Sesame3 to launch its maiden NFTs project. The final surprise is that the first NFT will be given away to a superfan whose image will appear on the label of 100 million cans of Twisted Tea.

Additionally, the NFTs can be traded, bought, and sold using conventional payment methods without needing cryptocurrency wallets, making the NFT series accessible to anyone.

Fans who upload a photo of themselves to the company’s website and provide a justification for why they should win will be entered to win the chance to have their face printed on 100 M cans of hard iced tea. August 3rd will see the announcement of the winner.
The winner can also sell their NFT on Sesame3’s Web3 platform to the highest bidder, who will then have the opportunity to have their portrait printed on a limited number of cans, in addition to being featured on up to 100 million Twisted Tea cans.
Twisted Tea has previously used pictures of the faces of its customers on the drink labels. Since they began doing this in 2007, they have received 1,000 photo entries per month.
Twisted Tea’s brand manager, Erica Taylor, expressed the company’s delight at working with Sesame3 to invest in Web3 and market their brand in a “whole new realm.”

As you can see, there are a lot of developments involving beverage brands in the Web3 arena. Only time will tell if Twisted Tea’s exclusive NFT drop is a success. But it sounds like it will be the perfect method for one lucky fan to get their name out there.

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